Michelin star hospitality packages in the north of Italy

A journey though the regions of Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Veneto to discover some of Italy’s finest Hospitality Restaurants.

A fantastic experience combining immaculate culinary moments with cultural visits of some of the country’s most beautiful towns.

Arrive in Milan: once landed in Milan, your driver will pick you up and take you to your hotel, the most striking property in the whole of Como lake where you will relax for the next few hours.

Dinner: you will dine in a one Michelin star restaurant on the outskirts of Como where the chef will delight you with tasty and authentic local cuisine.

Morning: enjoy the state of the art spa or the many sport activities. Alternatively discover the hotel garden and walk up the hill to get a nice view of the lake.

Lunch: eat outdoor in the beautiful veranda of the hotel or alternatively head to a local restaurant in the town of Como.

Afternoon: head north and visit the beautiful Villa Carlotta museum. Alternatively a private tour of the lake by boat can be arranged for 3 or 5 hours.

Dinner: you will dine in a family run restaurant with a pretty view over the lake.

Morning: head towards the city of Bergamo situated high up on top of a hill and enjoy a morning walk though the city centre.

Lunch: around Bergamo there is one of the best fish restaurants in the whole of Italy. A fantastic experience combining mouthwatering cuisine with first class service

Afternoon: head to the Franciacorta area where you will be staying in a beautiful hotel located with vineyards all around it.

Dinner: either dine at hotel restaurant which is supervised by one of Italy’s most important chefs or alternatively enjoy a local restaurant famous for its rustic take on local classics.

Morning: relax and take advantage of the hotel’s spa, arguably one of the best in Italy. In alternative enjoy sport activities including golf and tennis.

Lunch: head for lunch in this one Michelin star restaurant situated inside tiny ancient village and enjoy the tasty cuisine.

Afternoon: head back to the hotel and relax or visit il Borgo del Maglio to see the craft of wrought iron.

Dinner: you will dine in a very unique restaurant in the centre of Brescia. A restaurant with one central table where diners sit together and enjoy the modern take of eccentric chef of classic on Italian and international cuisine. Alternatively a dinner can be arranged in a local restaurant in proximity to the hotel.

Morning: free morning. Either relax at the hotel or enjoy the neighboring sports facilities including golf, tennis or cycling though the vineyards. Lunch: head for lunch in a local restaurant restaurant close to lake Iseo or at the hotel.

Afternoon: the Franciacorta area is famous for producing high quality sparkling wines. Visit a premium winery and have a full tasting of the different range of products.

Dinner: you will dine in this phenomenal two Michelin star restaurant where French chef combines Italian and French techniques resulting a rich and mouthwatering cuisine. His risotto with mushroom and cheese and his ice cream with hot chocolate are known all over Italy. Not to mention that if you are a cheese lover you will come across one of the biggest selection you may have ever seen.

Morning: discover the beauty of the Garda lake. Stop by the picturesque village of Desenzano for a walk or coffee.

Lunch: you will eat in great restaurant with a terrace high up on a hill with beautiful views of the lake.

Afternoon: head to your next hotel, a wonderful wine resort situated between Verona and the Garda Lake.

Dinner: enjoy a meal in the hotel’s restaurant which has just been awarded a one Michelin star.

Morning: will go to Verona where a guide will show you around the city’s most beautiful parts.

Lunch: you will eat in a great trattoria style restaurant in the city centre. One of the locals’ favorite.

Afternoon: back to your hotel and relax Visit a premium winery in the area and have a fantastic tasting of Amarone and Recioto wines, real crowd pleasers.

Dinner: head to the centre of Verona for a fantastic 2 Michelin star restaurant.

Morning: on your way to Venice, stop by the cute Village of Soave and walk around town and have a taste of their famous Soave white wine.

Lunch: you will have lunch in a wonderful three Michelin star restaurant and enjoy the playful setting and cuisine that the chef will throw at you: a completely different way of experiences fine dining.

Afternoon: arrive at your beautiful hotel in Venice and relax in the beautiful gardens.

Dinner: head for dinner where the locals go: you will have a great experience in this tiny little restaurant in the hidden streets of Venice where dishes like fried spider crab and squid ink pasta are just to die for.

Morning: a local guide will take you for a walking tour of Venice and give you access to private palaces that used to be owned by royal families.

Lunch: in a typical Venetian restaurant known for its high quality fish based dishes.

Afternoon: relax in the beautiful garden of the hotel or alternatively enjoy a spa treatment.

Dinner: head to a private Island and enjoy a dinner where one Michelin star chef will delight you with creations made with ingredients sourced from their garden. You will also have a chance to taste a unique wine made from vineyards planted in the island, a very precious experience.

Morning: discover the beauty of Venetian villas in the outskirts of Venice. A local guide will take to visit some of the most beautiful estates and be greeted by the owners who will take you though their fantastic collection of art.

Lunch: you will eat in a charming restaurant in the outskirts of Treviso famous for its simple yet refined cuisine.

Afternoon: either head to the cute centre of Treviso for a walk and a coffee and upon request visit a fine glass maker. Alternatively a visit can be arranged to some of Venice finest textile artisans.

Dinner: a wonderful gastronomic experience in this one Michelin star restaurant in Venice featuring a modern take on Venetian cuisine.

Morning: free morning around Venice or alternatively a visit can be arranged to some of Venice finest textile artisans.

Lunch: just outside Venice you will eat in what is considered one of Italy’s best fish restaurant. A two Michelin star restaurant deeply rooted in the Venetian way of cooking fish: don’t miss the fabulous dish 12 interpretations of raw fish…

Afternoon: on your way to Bologna stop by the town of Ferrara and visit its beautiful main square, a Unesco world heritage site. The next two nights will be spent in the city of Bologna where you will be staying in the most historic hotel.

Dinner: have lunch in the centre of town in this fantastic trattoria that has been gaining more and more awards over the last few years. If you are a meet lover, raw sausage is a must!

Morning: you will discover Bologna and its traditions: a guide will take thought its most beautiful sites and visit one of the many food shops to discover how to make the best home made pasta.

Lunch: head to the town of Imola for a great meal in a 2 Michelin star. A fantastic experience in one of Italy’s most respected restaurants.

Afternoon: afternoon free. Head back to the centre of Bologna or walk around Imola.

Dinner: move to the countryside of Bologna for a proper meal in a local’s favorite trattoria where you will be delighted by the intensity of flavors and quality of the ingredients.

Morning: head towards the city of Modena in the region of Emilia Romagna and discover its most precious gem: Balsamic vinegar. You will visit one of the finest balsamic producers and taste different “vintages”.

Lunch: you will have lunch in what is arguably considered the best restaurant in Italy. A phenomenal experience where the three Michelin star chef takes classic Italian local dishes and reinvents them by giving his own unmistakable flair: an experience not to be missed!

Afternoon: enjoy a walk around the town of Modena or if you are a car lover head to Maranello to visit the Ferrari museum. Head to Milan for your last two nights. A fantastic hotel combining state of the art facilities, great location and the fashionable “Milanese style”.

Dinner: you will dine in one of the oldest restaurants in Milan and try the city’s most famous dish: Saffron risotto!

Morning: a guide will take through the city most beautiful sites. From the most famous streets and piazzas to the hidden gems where you will discover the true soul of Milan.

Lunch: you will eat in what is considered the most cutting edge restaurant of the city. An experience that will push your culinary boundaries and expose you to modern Italian cooking.

Afternoon: a free afternoon to either relax in the hotel or wonder around Milan for some quality shopping.

Dinner: you will dine in a sublime fish restaurant where the chef combines north and south of Italy’s culinary traditions resulting in a tasty yet delicate cuisine.

Morning: relax in hotel and then head to airport.

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