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ENTER the WOO | Hip-Hop & R&B Club Jimmy Woo

VIP Tables ENTER the WOO | Hip-Hop & R&B

Brace yourself party lovers. Jimmy Woo is bringing back a nostalgic Hip-Hop and R&B event every Thursday named ‘Enter the Woo‘. Amsterdam finest DJ’s will provide you with all the Hip-Hop and R&B classics from back then but with a little Jimmy Woo twist.

Travel Hospitality Tours – Amsterdam

Amsterdam VIP Tours



Walking tour visiting the main sights as the Dam Square with main buildings around it, as the Royal Palace and the New Church, the Begijnhof (an old beautiful hidden courtyard). Walk over the canal ring towards the Jordaan. In the Jordaan we can visit the Saturday organic market, it’s really lively! Usually the North church is open during market days, and it worth a visit as well. We will also visit some old hidden courtyards and enjoy this area, full of cuter residential houses, canals and bridges. It’s possible to finish the tour at the Anne Frank house. They can visit it when we finish the tour (yes, tickets must be booked long in advance). 3,5 hours tour.


Walking tour in the Jewish area. Visit the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Historical Museum and the National Holocaust Memorial. In the area, it’s also nice to walk in the Waterloo Square Market and the Rembrandt Plein. 3,5 hours tour. We can take a canal cruise after the tour, to use the best the touring time. In the canal cruise a guide isn’t really necessary.

As you can see, we changed a bit from required, to adjust the time and the routs in a more logical way (to go to places that are located close by in each tour) and leave the activities that don’t require/allow a guide for after (or before? the tours). About the canal cruise, we can consider instead of the one hour in the afternoon “normal” cruise, a Luxury dinner one as for example


Pick up at the hotel at 09:30. We will visit Marken, a fishermen town connected to mainland thanks to a dike built in 1957. This traditional Dutch town has a beautiful sea (nowadays lake) front with its typical green and white houses. From there we can take a ferry to Volendam or drive there (it depends if they want or not the ferry experience) Then we will go to Edam, a little town that exists since the XIIth century and is famous by the internationally known Edam cheeses. We will taste cheeses there and have lunch in a nice restaurant. Afterwards, we will drive via the Beemster Polder, a UNESCO Heritage Site due to the perfect design and the water management improvement that it meant in the XVIIth century. We will see four windmills in the Schermerhorn Polder and visit one of them, nowadays a beautiful museum. In the way back, we will drive via the Rijp, a beautiful old village. We expect to be back at 17:00

Amsterdam Tours DAY 1 Morning – City tour and Anne Frank house

Depart from your hotel and walk in the center the city.

Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North and surely offer trilling travel experiences, a unique city complex, shop, bars, restaurants and coffee shops. The canals, the bridges, and the typical Dutch buildings make the city appealing and charming. W Hotel is a New Hotel establish in a building near the Royal Palace with on the roof a swimming pool with a spectacular view over Amsterdam.

One of the most beautiful squares is the DAM were the Royal Palace, the New Church and  the complex of the building is close to the district of  De Jordaan and  Leidseplein square considered the most exciting area of Amsterdam where I grow up.

Nearby the Dam there is also the red lights district of the city that is a further proof on how The Dutch take their life: they wish maximum freedom and privacy respect as common guide line, but in the full respect of everybody needs.

Take the local boat this the glass roof and motor for the small canals of the city.

The tour ends at the House of Anna Frank, victim of the nazi during the last war. She died in Auschwitz in 1943 and a diary on the last period of her life was recovered and represent a tragic accuse to the cruelty. The book, printed in 27.000.000 copies is among the ten best seller in the world together with the Bible,


Afternoon  – Museum visit (select your museum)

Visit of one of the following museum:

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is recognized one of the top painters of 1800. Vincent had a terrible life full of problems, desperate love stories, hopes un-materialized, religious believes unrealized . He had a religious life when he was  young, the followed by an artistic experience in Paris, the assistance of the french painter Gauguin (assistance paid by Vincent brother’s  Theo, who understood the limits of Vincent). Still confident in his personal experience of God , he was interested in everyday life and the harsh lives of workers and peasants often reproduced in his paintings.

Unfortunately he never sold one of his painting in his life. He worked for some time in a psychiatric clinic at Saint-Rémy. One day he cut one of his hear with a razor.

To explain the Van Gogh psychology if is important to recall last three days of his life. On July 27, 1890, van Gogh went out to paint in the morning as usual, but he carried with him a loaded pistol. He shot himself in the chest, but the bullet did not kill him. He was found bleeding in his room. Van Gogh was taken to a nearby hospital and doctors informed Theo, who arrived, finding his brother sitting up in bed and smoking a pipe. They spent the next couple of days talking together, until when van Gogh asked Theo to take him home. On July 29, 1890, Vincent van Gogh died in the arms of his brother. He was 37 years old.


Rembrandt Museum

Rembrandt van Rijn was born on 15 July 1606 in Leiden, the son of a mill owner. In 1621, he began training with a local painter and in 1624-1625 he was in Amsterdam, studying with Pieter Lastman who had been to Italy and now introduced Rembrandt to international trends. Rembrandt settled permanently in Amsterdam in 1631 and set up as a portrait painter. One of his first major public commissions was ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp’ (1632). In 1634, he married the well-connected Saskia van Uylenburgh. Rembrandt prospered, painting mythological and religious works as well as portraits, and the couple lived well.

One of Rembrandt’s most well-known paintings, ‘The Night Watch’, a group portrait of one of Amsterdam’s militia companies, was completed in 1642. Saskia died in the same year, which coincided with difficulties in Rembrandt’s business. This, coupled with his extravagance, resulted in him being declared bankrupt in 1656. His house and possessions were sold, including his own large collection of works of art. After Saskia’s death, Rembrandt had an affair with his son’s nurse, but they quarrelled and he later began a relationship with his housekeeper, Hendrickje Stoffels. She frequently modelled for him. Rembrandt continued to receive commissions and some of the great paintings from this period are ‘The Syndics of the Clothmakers Guild’ (1662) and ‘The Jewish Bride’ (c. 1666). Rembrandt was interested in drawing and etching as well as painting, and his etchings were internationally renowned during his lifetime.

Throughout his career, he attracted pupils who also served as his assistants. Their work can sometimes be hard to distinguish from Rembrandt’s own

DAY 2 Full day – Zaanse Shans (windmills) & Afsluitdijk

 Depart from your hotel and motor to the area of Zaanse Shans, outside Amsterdam. This is the area where windmills can be seen. Explore the complex of well preserved agricultural architecture and of the houses, some dating back to the 16th century.

Relax with a coffee or a cold bier and then proceed to Afsluitdijk, longest dyke in the Netherlands. Flood control is an important issue for the Netherlands, as about two thirds of its area is vulnerable to flooding, while the country is among the most densely populated on Earth. Natural sand dunes and human-madedikes, dams and floodgates provide defense against storm surges from the sea. River dikes prevent flooding from water flowing into the country by the major rivers Rhine and Meuse, while a complicated system of drainage ditches, canals and pumping stations (historically: windmills) keep the low lying parts dry for habitation and agriculture. The Afsluitdijk is a 32kilometer long dike, which connects the province of North Holland with the province of Friesland. It was constructed between 1927 and 1933 as a fundamental part in a larger plan called the Zuiderzee Works. With the completion of the Afsluitdijk the Zuiderzee (‘Southern Sea’) became the fresh water lake of IJsselmeer.

Stop over for lunch (on your own). Return in the afternoon in Amsterdam.

Should you like to visit a diamond factory we can provide you with some names of the main sailer in the city. This is a suggestion and we cannot be involved in any responsibility for your shopping.

DAY 3 Full day – Edam – Marken – Volendam tour

It is a pity that you cannot go on Wednesday, as your departure from Holland is on Wednesday. In fact in Edam is held year-round, best in July and August, the cheese market : the farmers bring their cheese by boat and horse to the center of town. You can watch as the cheese is weighted and traded by Edamers in traditional garb.

Although Edam is known today for cheese, it was once an industrious shipyard and port. That’s why, in the 17th century, the town’s specialty became one of the most popular cheeses in the world. Sailors took wheels of Edam on their voyages — the cheese doesn’t spoil easily and could be traded for spices and other riches of the East.

The ships are long gone. Today, Edam’s main trade is tourism. The best thing to do is to just wander its storybook lanes and canals. Consider taking a short walking tour; ask for a free tour booklet available at the tourist-info office on the main square.

While the town itself is the real attraction, the Edam Museum (tickets can be bought locally if you wish to go) is certainly worth a stop: a 400-year-old historical residence that provides a fun peek at what old canal houses once looked like. This house is particularly interesting for its floating cellar, designed to accommodate changes in water level without destabilizing the structure.

After a cheesy morning in Edam, travel to one of the Netherlands’ most traditional fishing communities: Marken. This time-passed hamlet in a bottle — once virtually abandoned — has been kept alive as a tourist attraction. It’s quiet, perfectly quaint, and well-preserved, but not annoyingly crowded.

This island town once had a harbor for whaling and herring fishing, but when the Zuiderzee began to silt up in the late 17th century, it became more and more difficult to eke out a living here. Centuries later, when the Zuiderzee was diked off, Marken became a virtual ghost town. But in 1957, engineers built a long causeway from the mainland to the island hamlet, which allowed easy access for visitors to marvel at its cuteness.

Walking around Marken, I was impressed with the town’s unique architecture, adapted to survive the challenging local conditions. Because the tides could be so temperamental, houses here tend to cluster on little hills called werven, or are built on pilings to keep them high and dry. Traditional Marken homes, while dull and black-tarred outside, are painted a cheerful yellow and blue inside.

In the extremely charming neighborhood of Kerkbuurt, there is a modest Marker Museum , which celebrates the 16th-century costumes (still worn for special events) and traditional lifestyles of the people of Marken. (tickets can be bought locally if you wish to go). For sustenance, nibble on some kibbeling(local fish-and-chips) at an idyllic eatery on the harbor. Some visitors take a 40-minute walk out to the town’s lighthouse, picturesquely situated at the far end of the island, at the tip of a sandy spit.

The third town of this trio — Volendam — is grotesquely touristy…mix Killarney and Coney Island and then drizzle with herring juice. The town’s promenade is lined with souvenir shops, indoor/outdoor eateries, and Dutch clichés. For a megadose of kitsch, you can visit the Volendam Museum’s Cigarband House (tickets can be bought locally if you wish to go), where a local artist has glued 11 million cigarbands to big boards to create giant images — from Dutch windmills to a sour-looking Statue of Liberty.

Amsterdam can be thrilling, but any native will tell you: To really experience everyday life in the a Netherlands, get out of town. In postcard-perfect Dutch villages like Edam.

 SAIL from the towering Faralda Crane Hotel (50 m)
“The most beautiful view”

SAIL 2015 from the towering Faralda Crane Hotel

Suite No2 – 40mtrs

The classic orient theme translated to 2013. Saturated colours become more vibrant and shapes slightly more abstract. Less decorated however still lush and super comfortable.

Faralda suites are high end contemporary design rooms with superior IJ and Amsterdam view. The rooma are provided with a queen size bed, air-conditioning, free WIFI, domotica with climate & music control, 3 x plasma television system (bathroom, sleeping room, living), a Hifi system with Ipod and docking station and a minibar.

All rooms are split level and approximately 36 square meters in size.

Crane Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam Crane Hotel


Sail is the largest nautical event in Europe

SAIL from the towering Faralda Crane Hotel (50 m) “The most beautiful view”

First grade

Sail is the largest nautical event in Europe, everyone wants to sit at ringside. There are only a few places in Amsterdam with a really phenomenal view of the passing Tall Ships. The best location is Faralda Crane Hotel, which towers fifty meters from the harbor and right on the IJ

is situated. You can do your relationships no greater pleasure with this exclusive arrangement. Of course, you also may use this unique offer.

Hotel Suites

The crane is the ideal backdrop for a memorable experience during SAIL 2015. The industrial area is in great contrast to the overwhelming luxury of the interior of the monumental cock. The space is divided into three luxury split level double hotel suites. Hotel guests can use the jacuzzi on the top floor of the tap, of course with great views of the IJ.

Event at high altitude

The valve includes a state-of-the art TV studio (14 m.), Which is fully equipped to make radio and television productions, but the TV studio is also a perfect setting for presentations, brainstorming sessions and meetings. Such an inspiring environment creates vibrant ideas. SAIL 2015 in the studio daily exclusive lunches and a Captain’s dinner buffet. In addition, a number of spectacular festivals are also organized with fantastic views over the IJ and Amsterdam. The location is very accessible and there is ample parking (charges up to € 7.80 per day).

Program offerings Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam; See also

Arrival of Tall Ships Wednesday through Sunday: Program Sail  and NDSM Green Ocean activities Sunday  Exodus Tall Ships Besides a fantastic view during #SAIL  Faralda every day:

Executive lunch / buffet at € 115, – pp (For Wednesdays and Sundays, storage of € 35, -) Admission: 8:00 to 15:00 Lunch: 12:30

Exclusive Captains buffet € 155, – per person (discount for Exclusive Private Party at € 35, – pp) (For Wednesdays and Sundays, storage of € 35, -) Access: from 15.30 to 22.00 (up to 60 people.) Lunch: 12:30

Private Party: Private, Limited & Exclusive à € 55, – per person (Includes welcome drink and snacks.) From 22:30 to 05:00

During the party’s are the TV studio, the first and second platform accessible. The view from here is best that Amsterdam has to offer.

You can also for a romantic night also book one or more suites. Suites have adjusted rate (see our booking section on

Boat and cruise on request. For more information:

Note: Up to 60 people; So sign quickly because of limited number of guests.

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