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We want you to get to know us. 

Here is some great news for you.

We decided to work for you, free of charge, for one trial job. See it as a gift, the beginning of a wonderful and long-lasting partnerschip.
Ask us whatever you want. If it is related to Airports, Travel or Butler Services, we will let you know within 1 hour if we can accept the challenge, free of charge.

Some examples to give you an idea –

* Assistance at check-in/gate/through airport *
* Supervision for big groups *
* Arranging lounges during transits *
* Giving flowers at the gate *
* Carrying luggage to a limousine *
* Organizing transport to the city *
* … *

Your request is our challenge.
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Try Airport Angels; we do the impossible.

High End Hospitality VIP Service Agency™

As a brand-new company, Airport Angels is trademarking all over Europe. From arranging VIP services by boat in Venice; assisting check-ins in Munich till organizing breakfasts in style, we are accomplishing every wish to make passengers even more happy. The passion for traveling, the love for airports and airplanes; and the skills of hospitality make us who we are to create a the brightest smile. A journey, for leisure or business, does not begin when you arrive at your destination; it will start from the first step on airport’s ground.

It will be more than a pleasure to work with you. Our wings are at your service.

Warmest regards,

Maxime – Airport Angels

High End Airport Lounge Hospitality
Do you have a charter flight in the morning ? Why not organizing a breakfast in the lounges or at the gate? At Antwerp, Dubai, Amsterdam, London,  Airport, we made it happen. With the best contacts for catering, we arranged a luxury breakfast. Croissants, sandwiches, eggs,… Everything your stomaches is wishing for!
Since a few weeks, Airport Angels is present to assist pilote and passengers during their experience of the exclusive Mustang P51-flights! Do you want some more information about this unique flight? Big fans can e-mail us (info@vipserviceagency.com) or you can find some more information at vintage.flights.
For price list, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you some examples of what we can do, but please note that every rate is different from airport to airport. If you have a customized request, no problem at all ! Doing the impossible is our challenge.
Airport Angels Assistance
(Check-in, through airport, gate)
From €40/h
Airport Hospitality VIP Concierge
Acces to VIP Lounge
From €150/h
Airport Hospitality Angels

VIP Service Private Jet

From €340 for one to five persons